Too many people with multiple needs, including mental health, homelessness, substance misuse and offending problems, are moved from one crisis service to another suffering poor outcomes at great cost to the taxpayer.

You First, the partnership delivering the Fulfilling Lives programme in Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham, is seeking to improve the way these people are supported by gathering evidence and making the case for change.

We offer a flexible approach that is service user led and coordinated with existing services in the three boroughs. 

Our highly experienced team of key workers is working with commissioners and service providers to identify  those in need in Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham. We provide personalised support to adults with multiple and complex needs to help them start living more stable lives and support their journey to independence. The team has access to individual budgets, which enables them to quickly raise and deliver co-ordinated packages of support. 

How we work

Our unique service is tailor-made to support the needs of vulnerable people who face serious issues including chronic exclusion. The service is designed to support them to make sustained, positive changes, including maintaining contact with services and gaining better personal outcomes.

You First is a nomination-only service. We work closely with lead commissioners and service providers in Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham to identify those most at need who could benefit from our support.

Our assessment process enables us to create a profile of each individual and the services they are currently using in order to assess their eligibility for the programme.

Individual budgets

One of the crucial elements of the programme is that each person we support is allotted an individual budget which they can choose to spend on what they feel they need to improve their lives, with the support of their key worker. This might cover immediate needs such as supporting them get back on track with food, travel and housing, or it could cover services that will assist their longer term journey to independence.

Making the case for systems change 

As we work with our beneficiaries we are gathering data about their service use and costs to the taxpayer. By gathering evidence of blocks and unhelpful funding models in current public services we hope to be able to support changes to the system that will make it more efficient.  

Shared learning

You First is all about learning from the experience of our beneficiaries, peers, partners and other Fulfilling Lives programmes across the country.

Our core-strategic group made up of representatives from the partnership meets every eight weeks to discuss progress and we regularly share learning with many other groups and individuals.